Haunted Argenta

Bringing the Dead Back to Life


Haunted Argenta Walking Tour

Ghost Tours in Argenta

The tour is an hour and half long walking history tour that goes up and down Main Street in Argenta.  The tour focuses on the history of Argenta.  We examine the myths, legends and stories from the past.  We also look at the facts and how they come to bear on the myths and legends We tell the stories of Argenta’s history from the time of its founding through the rebirth and revival. How was Argenta founded? Why do some think it was cursed?

You will learn about the original buildings, some of which still stand, the stories connected to those buildings and the inhabitants, some of whom never left.

You will hear the story of Anastasia, who still haunts a location. See photos of the Argenta Devil and hear about the Werewolf of Cherry Hill. Another place has an unknown entity who has his favorite spot from which he never moves. You will visit the locations where the Argenta Race Riots happened and stand in the places where history was made.

We can’t guarantee you will see a ghost, but we have some pretty interesting photographs that people have captured and even a reportedly haunted artifact. You never know what you may see!  To see some of the images captured on the tour, jump to our Gallery. 

The tours are all outdoors due to the fact that many of the buildings are privately owned and those that aren’t often have bands, smoking and cover charges on weekends. You are, of course, welcomed and even encouraged to visit the locations after the tour ends.

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If you have a group of at least fifteen, you can book a private tour.  The cost is $15.00 a person and you can pay in one payment or just get a group of friends together and everyone pays for themselves. With private tours, you can have them modified to your liking.  For instance, if you would like to stop in a bar and get a drink, we can do that.

For more information or specific questions, check out our FAQ. 


Boos & Booze

This is a modified version of the standard walking tour.  On this tour, the focus will be on the haunted bars of Argenta.  Much of the above history is covered, but we will also be stopping into some of the bars along the way, taking time to have a drink, and then moving on down the street. There are two stops on the tour, Crush Wine Bar and Four Quarter.  

During each of the stops, Paul Prater will discuss the spirit mediums, demonstrating how they would make contact with the departed.  This is a very rare type of theatrical entertainment, that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.  The tour, while including plenty of history and ghosts, has a more theatrical flair. 

Please be aware that Four Quarter is a smoking bar.  If you cannot tolerate the smoke (which is usually very light in Four Quarter) then this won’t be the tour for you, as we spend some time in the venue. 

The tour last an hour and a half, give or take ten minutes.