Haunted Argenta

Bringing the Dead Back to Life



What is a ghost tour?                     

A ghost tour is a walking tour that travels the streets stopping along at buildings that are thought to be haunted. We present you with the facts and folklore attached to each location, and you can draw your own conclusions. We do not enter any of the buildings, as many of them are privately owned and/or operating businesses and closed after hours.

The tours are not a ghost hunt or ghost investigation, We don’t sit in the dark waiting for a spirit to  appear, nor is anyone going to jump out and scare you. This isn’t a haunted house.

What should I wear?

Our tour follows Main Street and is an hour and a half. Comfortable walking shoes are very important, and weather-appropriate attire is recommended. You might think about dressing in layers. We would also encourage you to bring some water to stay hydrated.

Where does the tour start?

When you purchase your tickets, at the bottom it will state where the tour starts.  Most of them start at the gazebo at the foot of the Main Street Bridge on Washington Street behind the US Bank building.  If, for some reason, this starting point is different, it will be noted in the email you received with your tickets. 

Is the tour appropriate for children?

The material discussed during the tour deals with murders, suicides and unusual deaths. This might be too frightening for some children, so please gauge your child’s tolerance of such subjects and plan accordingly. We aren’t the parenting police.  You know what is acceptable for your child. 

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are allowed. The ghost tour is actually a great, pet-friendly thing to do. We do have one condition, and that is that you are responsible for your dog and should they cause a problem or if a guest has a problem with them, we will ask you to remove the dog from the tour.

Are there bathrooms?

No there are not. There are businesses along the route that would probably allow you to use theirs, but you would miss some of the tour.  It is recommended that , so please be sure to go before you arrive!

Is the tour handicapped accessible?

The tour travels along streets and sidewalks, sometimes having to dodge pedestrians or construction. Check out Main Street Argenta ahead of time and if you are up for it, please join us.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes. If you have a group of at least fifteen, you can book a private tour.  The cost is $15.00 a person and you can pay in one payment or just get a group of friends together and everyone pays for themselves. With private tours, you can have them modified to your liking.  For instance, if you would like to stop in a bar and get a drink, we can do that.

Can we drink alcohol on the tour?

The tour is on the public streets of North Little Rock.  Public consumption of alcohol is not allowed by law. 


How does the check-in process work? Do we have to print anything out?

Nope! We believe in ghosts, but not necessarily in trees becoming them. We do our tickets will-call style, so there are no physical tickets. If you have purchased your ticket online, simply show up and give us the name your signed up with. That’s it!

What times do the tours start?

The tours start at the time designated when you purchased your ticket.  We have varying times.  Tours leave on the dot and will not wait for anyone who is running late, so please be prompt! If you get left behind, we stay on Main Street, so we will be easy to find.

Where can we park?

There is plenty of free street parking all over Argenta.

Does the tour continue through all weather?

We will travel through very light rain.  One hour before a tour an email will be sent to all ticket holders advising of a cancellation. In the event that a tour is cancelled, you will receive a refund, or have the option of moving to another date, if available.



Do you give refunds?

Tickets are non-refundable. If you have a specific complaint or issue, please address this to Paul, and each case will be dealt with on an individual basis. You can email him at paul@paulprater.com.  We try to be fair, so long as you are too.

If you have someone who will go in your place, simply let us know and have your friend provide your name at check in.